Why should I be taking 360 degree photos?

Virtual reality started to hit the headlines more and more in 2016 as it become the year of VR, but even if you don’t believe this and now think 2017 is the year of VR – why should I be taking 360 degree photos?

Immersive technology has started to give a new meaning to facilities marketing. This is so much that Virgin Holidays will now allow you to see your potential holiday within VR before you book. Do you image your holiday destination before travelling, well wonder no more. It’s also really working for Virgin as their PR document states.

Along with the tourism industry 2016 saw a change in sports broadcasting. Fox Broadcasting and Sky Sports are now able to offer customers the ability to watch sports within VR. Bringing you as close to the action as possible (in some cases you couldn’t even buy these locations.

But on a smaller scale 360 images are becoming more common. With cameras such as the Ricoh Theta S they are almost accessible to everyone. We have seen a massive increase in interest for 360 photos and videos at family events and weddings. Allowing friends and family who couldn’t make it to experience the day. Plus you get to relive the day while being there again.

As social media channels continue to invest in VR/360 degree technology the demand will increase. You could find yourself loosing contracts or being behind the times with single vision images.